Ear Pinning Surgery

A procedure in which the ears are pinned back and healed in that position for cosmetic appeal is called otoplasty. This surgery can take up to several hours but is intended to be a day surgery. For more specific details on the surgery you can click here.

Many Americans today are self conscience  about the angle at which their ears exit their head. The cause for this condition happens at birth. When babies exit the womb, some get their ears folded and stuck on the inside of the birth canal. Due the the fragility of the baby’s ear, this cause the cartilage in their ear to break. After birth, the cartilage then re heals with their ear sticking out, causing that individual to have that appearance for life.

This condition is easily treated with otoplasty surgery. The operation consists of rebreaking the ear cartilage, pinning the ears back to the correct position, and waiting for the cartilage to heal that way to keep the position of the ear. The recovery time for this surgery will typically take 1 week for adults and 2 weeks for children. However, adults may return to work and other daily activities after a few days and children may return to school after one week. The lengthier recovery time for children is again due to the fragility of their ear and the possibility of their ear cartilage rebreaking and ruining the efforts of the procedure.

The cost of an ear pinning surgery costs anywhere from $1,700 to $2,200 depending on location. Click here to find the Top Otoplasty Specialists in your area!

Otoplasty Surgery Information